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Commission info (Open)

Posted by SoubriquetRouge - December 13th, 2018


Open For Commissions! Quick details above ^, long details below v

Happy to work on whatever art you find. Don’t worry if its jpeg compressed or a picture of a traditional sketch, I regularly work these out. My main areas of interest are furry gals, sonic ladies, monster gals, and human women.

Payment by Paypal, upfront once we’ve agreed on the cost and terms.

Stuff I will do: SFW, NSFW, Women, Loli, /ss/, Furries, Robots, Monster girls (really any kind of inhuman girls), Gapes and slight bumps

Stuff I won’t do: Futa, feet focused pics,nothing overly fetishy, Ponies, Vore/ Gore, Solo Guys.

I also reserve the right to refuse anything i’m just not comfortable with / dont think i can do a good job with. Please do not press if this is the case, you will not change my mind.

If you know who made the art, please provide a link to the artist, so I can ensure they approve of me working with their art before i take your money

If the art has no background, I may add one, but its at my discretion, so i wont promise it.


$30 for the first character, $20 for each past that

If the artwork is a sketch and is messy, it may be $5-10 to clean it up. This is not optional, as I need it clean to give you the best work i can!

If the art has a background you want colored, there may be a charge to do that too, which will change based on complexity.

Complex outfits, props, vehicles, and anything else that may make the work more complicated may incur an additional charge

I’ll cut the price in half if the picture is smaller (like less then 1000 px on all sides), as its easier, and will be less detail.

If you aren’t sure I’ll do your picture, or would like a quote for coloring it, email me with the picture in question and I’ll gladly give ya an answer.

The completed piece will be posted here and twitter, as well as pixiv and inkbunny if appropriate. I’ll email you the fullsize of it, and a PSD/clip if requested. Any variants you’d like, as far as BG removals, wallpaper sized versions, I’ll be happy to provide.

Commissions are done in the order they are paid. Expect about a week turnaround for each picture. I’ll let you know what the wait is before I take a payment.

Feel free to email me at srcoloring@gmail.com if you have any other questions before getting down to business.